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Organizational Structure

Below is a graphic showing a Cub Scout organizational chart and information about some of the positions.


The Chartered Organization

Every Cub Scout pack belongs to an organization with interests similar to those of the BSA. This organization, which might be a church, school, community organization, or group of interested citizens, receives a charter from the BSA to use the Scouting program. Each chartered organization appoints one of its members as a chartered organization representative.

This organization, through the pack committee, is responsible for providing leadership, the meeting place, and support materials for pack activities. The chartered organization 'owns' the pack, not the pack committee. The pack committee is simply an administrative arm of the chartered organization.

The Local Council

Each Cub Scout pack is supported by a BSA local council. The council does not provide service directly to individual boys. Rather, it offers a program to chartered organizations that operate Cub Scout packs, providing a number of common resources for all packs in a specific geographic area.

The Pack Committee

The pack committee takes care of the administrative needs of the pack and works with the Cubmaster to plan and carry out the pack program. The committee is responsible for setting pack rules and policies, selecting pack leaders, identifying resources to run the pack, managing pack finances and determining the annual calendar of events.

The committee consists of at least three members. The first three positions listed are always filled. Other committee members may have particular functions as described below.

  • Committee Chair: This position is responsible for organizing and facilitating the running of the pack committee, filling committee positions and the annual re-chartering of the pack. This person works with the Cubmaster and the Chartered Organization Representative to make sure that the responsibilities of the pack committee are being met. While all committee members have a voice in the process, the Committee Chair has the ultimate decision making authority for the committee.
  • Chartered Organization Representative: This position serves as the liason between the pack, the chartered organization, and the BSA. They make sure that the chartered organization is aware of what the pack is doing, and coordinates activities between the chartered organization and the pack.
  • Treasurer: This position is responsible for monitoring pack finances, depositing money from registration and fund raising, and paying pack expenses. Keeping up to date financial records is an important role as well as reporting the pack's financial condition at committee meetings.
  • Secretary: This position maintains information on membership, handles correspondence for the pack (including notifications of meetings and activities), and keeps notes on business conducted at committee meetings.
  • Advancement Chair: This position tracks the advancement of each scout in the pack, including determining what advancement related awards are needed for each pack meeting, acquiring those awards and preparing them for presentation at the pack meeting.


The Cubmaster is sometimes referred to as the unit leader. In general, the Cubmaster serves as the program advisor to the pack committee and coordinates the total Cub Scout program for the pack. This position is responsible for guiding, supporting, motivating, and recruiting adult leaders. Other duties include making sure the dens are functioning well and establishing and maintaining good relationships with Boy Scout Troops.

Den Leaders

The den leaders are responsible for planning, preparing for, and conducting den meetings as well as working with other den leaders to ensure that the den is an active and successful part of the pack. At pack meetings and activities, these individuals are responsible for leading their den. Regular communication is done with the pack committee through the den leaders attending committee meetings.

Family Involvement

Cub Scouting is a program that encourages family involvement. While an organizational structure exists for a Cub Scout pack, opportunities are available for participation. Assistance can be provided in a variety of ways from helping with activities at den meetings to assisting with the planning of pack events. A successful program is supported by volunteerism.